IMG_9989My wife
has always wanted to live in the country and has always wanted to live a more simple life, one where we actually know where our food comes from or how it’s been handled from seed to table.

Me on the other hand, i’m a city boy, and you’d never see me in a pair of boots unless it was winter and I had to shovel the driveway or go sledding with the kids on the steep local neighborhood hill.

SpaceNeedle John

We’d been reading articles and watching the news and many youtube videos just showing that our country we live in, was just becoming harder and harder to live in, while the rich were getting richer and richer.  The disparity between the have’s and have nots was growing at an alarming pace.  We have seen a country where the corporatocracy seems to care more about controlling all of our natural resources and to keep everyone so busy in making a living that no-one has time to make a life.   So even though it seems like it’s taken forever to figure out how to do this, and researched endlessly on all the different systems we as a society take for granted.  The systems i’m talking about is where water, electricity, gas, heat, and sewer systems comes from.   I’ve never questioned this my whole life as I could go to the faucet and turn it on and water that was clear and what looked like to me “clean” water came out.  The funny thing was that I really didn’t like drinking the water because it just smelled or tasted funny.   So when I started researching spring development or how to dig a water well, and the associated systems that are required to get the water out of the ground was more complicated and costly than I had imagined.  After more research, I found that clean drinking water from the aquifers around the country were getting contaminated by fracking lubricants and fluids from the process of hydraulic fracking.  I subsequently came across a documentary called “Gasland” and “Gasland II”, these programs completely changed the way my wife and I started looking for land, that is, really anywhere completely away from the “shale plays” around the country, where natural gas is harvested from the ground.  I whole heartedly believe that the next “gold” will be “water rights” and having a clean drinkable source of water.  Nestle CEO seeks to control the worlds water supply and has been buying up water rights for over 20 years from around the world.   More and more cities and places are on just on time delivery and if there was an Electromagnetic pulse or a solar flare of significance, we could be thrown back in to the dark ages, an era before electricity and mechanical devices that we rely on to magnify work which has allowed human kind to progress faster and faster over the last few hundred years.   I watched a PBS Documentary called American Experience Blackout you can see a clip from it here, so after seeing all of these trends that are happening more regularly around the country, we felt a sense of urgency to get out of the city, and head to the back woods in a strategic way and location like joel skousen shows in his book / video “strategic relocation” which you can view the full documentary here.

So our first step was to put together enough cash to buy a trailer that was a pull behind (NOT a motorhome) as that requires monthly insurance – as it’s considered a car.  A trailer is NOT considered a vehicle for insurance purposes.

We will be posting more information on this blog as we learn how to live off grid.  Here are pictures of the Trailer we picked up, and moved to an undisclosed location.

Camper Side View with Slideout - Out

Living Room

So of to pack as we embark on our new journey — figuring out how to make it, and live off grid (except for internet of course).

We’ll have more blogs on finding live water, looking for the right property or land, staying away from the high tension power lines, and what we’ve learned about fracking, shale plays, solar passive building practices, solar panels, power systems, off grid battery systems, Thomas Edison’s Nickle -Iron Ni-Fi Batteries that have proven to have lasted over 100 years and much much more.