Rocket Stove on Off Grid HomesteadingAre you familiar with rocket mass heaters?  If you are, I’ve got great news for you…  Paul Wheaton’s long-awaited rocket mass heater videos are finally here!

And if you’re not familiar with rocket mass heaters, you should definitely check this out.  This revolutionary technology has become very popular in the world of Homesteading and Sustainable Living, because it allows you to heat an entire home with a tiny amount of fuel.

Just how much is a “tiny” amount of fuel?  Well, according to Paul Wheaton, the average household that uses a wood burning stove could heat that same house using one tenth of the wood… just by switching to a rocket mass heater.

The idea is fairly straight-forward, and the design is simple enough for anyone to learn.  There are various designs, and Instead of simply burning wood and letting most of the heat and vapors escape, like a fireplace, you basically create a super furnace with multiple tunnels that utilize most of the heat in a very efficient way, causing all of the creosote and just about every part of the wood, soot, and vapors creating a super efficient burning system that when encased in a thermal mass, it can heat your home all night and throughout the day with nothing more than twigs from the yard as fuel.

It’s a wonderfully simple technology that has really taken off in the off grid and homesteading movement & allowing for sustainable living.

If you’re interested to learn more about it, we’ve got a great resource for you.

Paul Wheaton has just released the digital version of his new 4 Video Set called Better Wood Heat: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters.

Paul brought in a professional camera crew and a production team, and they worked together to document three workshops, one “Innovators Event,” and several other lectures, tours, and tutorials.

The result is this new video set, which gives you an up close and personal look at ten working rocket mass heaters – designed by the best and brightest builders from the Permaculture design movement.

Here’s a quick look at the basic info that’s included:

  • Proven designs from experienced builders
  • Instructional segments from “The Duke of Permaculture”
  • Working examples of the most popular designs
  • Specifications and instructions for the most challenging piece – the Manifold
  • 10 innovative designs for guidance, reference, and inspiration

If you already know all the basics about rocket mass heaters, don’t worry.  There’s plenty here for you too…

The fourth video in the set documents an event Paul hosts annually, where several of the best rocket mass builders get together to push the limits of rocket mass design.  You will see some cutting edge designs that include:

  • A “transparent” heater built with translucent materials
  • An integrated kitchen stove top
  • An integrated outdoor grill
  • An integrated water heater…

All of this, and more, is included in this new 4 Video Set:

Video #1: Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater
Video #2: Building a Pebble Style Rocket Mass Heater
Video #3: Building a Shippable Core for Rocket Mass Heaters
Video #4: Innovators Event – Watch the Best Designers at Work

That’s four videos, six expert designers, and ten proven designs.  You’ll see real world applications, in detail.  You’ll get tips and tricks to keep your project simple and successful.  You’ll learn the best practices for ongoing care and maintenance to keep your heater in great condition for years to come.

Click Here to Buy Better Wood Heat: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters

If you buy now, you can get all four of these videos for $49.50.  That price is going to go up when the physical DVDs are released.  As an affiliate of Paul Wheaton, Off Grid Homesteading will receive a small percentage of any sales made as a result of this promotion.

Looking forward to sharing our next blog or video on our website

Kelly & John

PS – Right now, these videos are available as digital downloads only.  Physical DVDs are coming, but they won’t be ready until the end of September 2016.  As soon as the physical DVDs are released, the price for the digital download will go up.  So don’t delay.  If you’re interested in these videos, now’s the time to grab them.  Here’s that link: Better Wood Heat:DIY Rocket Mass Heaters