IMG_1002So my wife is awesome!  We love our daily coffee to start our day and our favorite method was using our BUNN Rapid Flow Coffee Maker.  This thing kept our water HOT and ready for the next 10 cups in a matter of 2 minutes or less!  Well, unfortunately keeping water hot and using 1500 watts of power every time the burner needed to kick on to maintain brewing temperature just was NOT an option off grid when you’re constantly having to manage power usage.   Or should I say — we’re getting used to how power is used and when to use it.

So Kelly got on the internet and searched and searched…and we tried a few different methods, and the one that we ended up sticking with has worked well for us.

It’s basically a COLD Brew Coffee Method that you can use with a Ball Jar and a stainless steel screen that is designed to go inside the jar, along with a plastic lid.  I recommend NOT using a Metal lid as coffee – being acidic will tarnishes the finish of the canning lids and causes it to oxidize.

So here is our setup:


What Kelly does is the day before (24 hours), she grinds the coffee at the setting for the most coarse — the french press setting.  You set it for 10 cups.
Here are the Steps:

  1. Grind the Coffee & pour into the filter
  2. Fill water to the top of the jar as high as possible.
  3. Cover the jar with lid & wait 24 hours to serve.

The type of Coffee we use that produces this smoothness is from Sams Club.  Daily Chef Organic Medium Roast CoffeeIt’s kind of hard to find in the various stores as NOT all of them carry this brand, however you CAN order it online on (not an affiliate link).  We purchased these around 5-10 bags at a time for about $17 each.

This has produced the smoothest coffee like we were used to in our power hungry BUNN Coffee Maker we used to have shown here:
Bunn Coffee Maker Rapid Flow 10 Cup
If you’d like to taste the smoothness of this machine you can order it here on (affiliate link).

We purchased the  Simple Life Cycle Quart Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker that we got on Amazon (our affiliate link), here is the picture of what we purchased.  We got ours for about $25, looks like the price fluctuates and when it’s on sale it’s around $20.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 12.58.39 PM


We hope that this blog post helps you switch your methodology for brewing coffee, while learning to still enjoying a GREAT Smooth Cup of Coffee off grid without using any power (except for the grinder).

John & Kelly