1) To find a property with live moving water, or some sort of spring that ran continually 24/7 and didn’t require power of any kind to get this water out of the ground.
2) To find a property that was at least 20 miles from the nearest “large” city or town for safety reasons we’ll discus later.
3) To start to learn about permaculture and growing our own foods and raising farm animals.
4)  Learn about what “farm” animals could help us to sustain ourselves, if there were some sort of major disaster.
5)  To NOT become “die-hard preppers” in a sense of having years worth of food as if anyone knew about our “stash” they’d simply come and take it.
6)  To Blog about our process to maybe help others “disconnect” in as many ways as possible and get back to a seed to table type of existence where we “know” exactly where our food came from and that is has been raised and in the most humane way possible, and only to take a life for our own sustenance, to provide for our family’s food needs.
7) To build a solar passive type of home, and utilize some of the best practices in having a super insulated home “envelope” whereby we can maintain a comfortable interior temperature of our building without any external heating or cooling (with exception of de-humidification) to allow for a comfortable existence.
8) To utilize Solar as a primary method of powering and running our off grid home without having to tap into the utility grid, which is so overburdened with our 7 Billion population on this planet.
9) Research and Implement non-toxic building and operating methodologies, and to minimize any expenditures on any products or materials that are toxic or create a toxic waste product after it’s life has been expended – like lead acid batteries.  In this project we will be investing and running our off grid homestead on Ni-Fe or Nickle-Iron batteries that were invented by Thomas Edison in the 1900’s and were widely used through the 1920’s until petroleum products basically destroyed the battery industry. So we hope that you’ll come back regularly and follow our journey of our trials and experiments of selling our home and taking the plunge into living in a 8′ x 38′ Trailer Camper as our temporary home while we build our Hybrid SIPS and Straw Bale home. Follow us on this website and learn what worked for us and what didn’t work, and hopefully this can save you time, money and also let you know that if we can do it, you can do it too.
10) To use building materials that were free or readily available and around us as much as possible, trees, rocks, clay, and work with them vs. buying manufactured materials from Hardware stores except when necessary.

The American Dream of Land of the Free and Home of the Brave has become the land of the indentured and home of wimpy people who stand on the sidelines watching our freedoms and rights being systematically stripped away from us – all for a little security.


“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

— Benjamin Franklin  (1706-1790)


Kelly’s and John’s journey began in the fall of 2013 when we started looking for the “right piece of land” to create our own freedom and security…

What was the “right piece of land” was an adventure in discovering what our “real needs” were which lead to our top 10 goals to living off grid and creating a sustainable life…

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