So Kelly and I have this thing going on! Have you ever heard of “Yinning” something in?  It’s using the law of attraction … to have what you want or need appear in your life, somehow.  Well, we ran short of cash to build our light clay straw round house, which lead  to our next goal of winterizing the travel trailer/camper to keep us warmer this winter.  We were sitting having a discussion on ways to reach this goal and find lumber cheaper and to have a wood stove to heat with instead of propane.  Within maybe a week of that discussion (after Kelly had been putting the energy out there), we get a call from our friend Frenchie, saying her friend Luci has an old mobile home that she was hoping she could find someone that could come and take apart the 20×14 addition on it.  In exchange for our labor, we could have all the metal siding, lumber, windows, and the cast iron wood stove with all it’s piping!   So here is a picture of the outside of the place, before deconstruction.  We’ll add more pictures as the work progresses.  IMG_2767IMG_2763