This is how we’ve lived for 13+ months at our Off Grid Homestead!

We downsized from 2000+ square feet to a 330 square foot tiny house/RV and and from having all utilities (where they solved any and all problems) to being our own utility company.  It was a change we had been looking forward to for over 3 years when we finally made this dream come true of a homestead and a simpler life!

There has been a lot of work done on our trailer.  Like repairing leaks on the roof and replacing rotten wood sub-flooring and then putting in laminate wood flooring plus so much more.  Here are some pics of that rotten wood sub-floor!

We’ve had lots of ideas on what to do next as far as housing is concerned.  1) Sell trailer and build temporary housing to put solar panels on and use later as guest quarters and office space … we decided that would be too costly and take too much time.  2) Sell trailer and live in temporary accommodations and use the money to build our home … can’t really live off the homestead and build easily or be away from the animals.  3) Remodel the 1951 Trail-Ette John got for free from our neighbors and add on a 12×20 room addition … too costly and time consuming plus it is only a 22′ trailer.  And our final idea,  4) Keep this trailer with it’s 330′ and remove the bump out and add on a 14×20 room addition with a wood burning stove in it for heat and then use the addition as quest quarters and office space when we build our dream home, hopefully next fall!

So we will be sharing all the challenges with this addition on upcoming videos so stay tuned.

It will be a magickal WARM winter here on the ole’ homestead!

Lots of Love,