Tracking our lost guinea, we found out it had been attacked and killed!!!

The night this happened we had a guest over for dinner to thank him for the free building materials he had given us.  So we were a little preoccupied right before dusk when we usually put up all our animals.  We had been watching them through dinner and my inner knowing told me … I really need to go out and take care of them, but instead I didn’t want to be rude and get up and leave during dinner.  Boy did I learn a really BIG lesson!!!

I know better than to ignore my inner knowing!  I’m sure all my tribe of ‘Homesteading Goddesses’ out there know we should honor that deep knowing inside of us!  I guess I just needed it to be driven home one more time.  What a way to choose to learn this lesson, yet again.

My guineas are named Lucy and Ricky.  Ricky was such a devoted guinea mate!  He always watched out for Lucy, chasing all the dogs and other birds away from her, giving her all the tomato horn worms we put in their coop, and screaming like a mad man when they were separated from each other.  He was soooooo sad that evening when she wasn’t in the coop with him and the next morning he just kept calling and calling for her!  I will never ignore my ‘Inner Knowing’ again!!!

Some homesteading lessons are hard to learn and this was one of those, especially since I didn’t honor that knowing!

Please learn from my lesson and listen to that ‘still small voice’!

Now to get back to creating some magick on the homestead!

Lots of Love,