Who are John & Kelly?

John Fraser


Homesteader / Farmer / Blogger / Technology Nerd / Macgyver

John didn’t know why he was able to fix just about anything mechanical until he became a farmer!  Or why he was good with marketing, nature photography, and being an entrepreneur.  John had over 40 jobs and some businesses over the years, it finally dawned on him, he wasn’t employee material!  His love of working with his hands and building things has been a very satisfying part of homesteading.   As are making videos about overcoming the challenges of disconnecting from … the grid, technology, utilities and the QT down the street to get nachos at midnight!

Kelly Fraser


Homesteader / Gardener / Animal Lover / Blogger / Husband’s Play Toy

Kelly’s dream has been to live off the land for well over 30 years.  After meeting her husband John and some other life altering events they discussed that dream of  buying a piece of land and building their own home with their very own hands, growing their own food and raising some animals!  It took 3 yrs and a bit of convincing but here they are.  Everyone who knows her says she’s a lifelong non-conformist who always does the opposite of the norm and is always asking why, and why not.  She’s a prior owner of an alternative book store, liquor store/carwash, dental office manager, upholsterer and most importantly … a homeschooling mom of 2 grown boys and stepmom to 2 more boys!  Now living her dream life of “nature freak, animal lover, wife and best of all,  homesteader!  How can it get more magickal than this????

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